Wouter Stoffels founded Studio Cadmium in 2013 to pursue his passion for 20th-century design from France, Italy, and Brazil—and today has a client list that spans royalty, Hollywood stars, and fashion icons.

Twenty-five years ago, Wouter Stoffels stumbled across the word cadmium. This soft, silvery-white metal is the chemical element of atomic number 48, and is best known for its use to create vibrant – and expensive – red, yellow, and orange pigments. “I don’t know why I liked the word so much,” recalls Stoffels. “But, somehow it stuck.” Just over a decade ago, he was in the process of establishing a 20th-century furniture dealership in the city of Echt, in the southern region of the Netherlands. He recalled the evocative word that had persisted in his mind throughout the years, and Studio Cadmium was born.

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